Emu chicks again


Spotted them doing the dishes. Me, not them. Dishes that is.

All eight of ’em. Looked like Dad was still with them too. He’s supposed to be off getting all loved up & spreading the seed of the coming winter’s generation.

Maybe it’s got to do with the mild summer so far.

Maybe it’s Global Cooling.

Whatever it is, they’ll want us to pay more taxes for it.


A Big One


Not sure yet whether this fellow is an Eastern or Western Grey. Likely an Eastern Grey because he’s such a large lad. I’ll endeavor to find out.

And get a pic of him in his fully-erect magnificence.

Standing up that is.


… from the usual suspects.

From Tim Blair’s Daily Telegraph blog.

And this.

This too.

More from Andrew Bolt’s Herald Sun blog.

Remember that most of these arseholes don’t seem to give a hoot about the actual Holocaust. They certainly don’t care about the security of modern-day Israel. They’re openly Anti-Jew as far as I can tell.

But they’ll screech & take offense at anything & everything that Abbott says. Gives you an idea what our PM is up against.

It ain’t about morality for them, it’s all about exploitation for political power. Not that they actually have to do much for the votes of the fully retarded left. Them’s locked in whatever evil deeds are done in the name of “progress”.

And the Lame Stream Media sucks it all up & spits it out in just the right tone. To make Abbott seem like the bad guy – while it protects the real enemy among us.

Stinking Greens & ALP thugs. And their many media enablers.

Towering hypocrites, every one of the scumbags.

More later, maybe.

A Local Fellow


Not sure what it is yet… possibly a ROSENBERG’S HEATH MONITOR (Varanus rosenbergi).

UPDATE – nope, it’s a Lace Monitor (Varanus varius). Lots of thanks to John Fowler of Reptiles of Australia fame.

He says…

That is a Lace Monitor. Lace monitors do look similar to Rosenberg’s and the
2 species are often confused with each other but Lace Monitors grow
significantly larger. Rosenberg’s do not occur around Blanchetown.

Lace monitors are more arboreal, although Rosenberg’s can climb trees too.
Lace monitors can often be distinguished by having wider more obvious bands around their face and tend to have Broader bands on their tail (neither of which stand out in your photo).

Babies also look quite different.

Mystery no more. By the way, Rabbit’s little bird friends alerted me to its presence. They were going boonta – swooping & screeching at something in a tree across the road. I actually saw the big bugger fall off of the trunk amid all the fuss. So they were really trying to get him gone. But he was having none of it.


1788-2015. So far so good.

Australia Day 2013

Honours list for 2015 Australia Day…

Australian of the Year: Rose Batty. Excellent choice & a more-than worthy “winner”. Read more at the link for the three other excellent sheilas who took out the other 3 top gongs.

Awarded Knight of the Order of Australia: Prince Philip. Phil the Greek is one of my favourites – check out some of his more memorable quotes over the years. The lefty mongs like to refer to them as “gaffes”. They’re too puffed up with their self-righteous indignation to understand that he probably means every word. “Gaffe” implies something he’s said that he regrets. Which they ain’t. The usual morons are already having kittens about it. Funny as shit.

In other news about “our” out-going Australian (Divider) of the Year… that massive sook & wanker extraordinaire, what’s-his-name, reckons he’s considering a career in politics after he’s finished being the bestest, terrificest AFL victim footballer ever. Good luck dickhead. Check out the comments below the Telegraph’s story… seems he’s about as popular as a fully-grown man picking on a thirteen-year-old girl. Funny about that.

Mind you, the leftards love him. He’s a poster-boy for the clowns. Electricity Bill might have to arm-wrestle the Wicked Witch to get him into a safe ALP seat. The Senate is also an option… everybody knows after the last election that you don’t need to be popular, or even fully conscious, to get into that rabble-house. Just ask Sarah HYPHEN Young how it she swindled re-election by doing a preference deal with the Dinosaur loving, Golf Course & Resort destroying Blob’s party… yep, that’s correct – a coal-hating green zealot does a deal with a coal mining “billionaire” devil in order to maintain her place at the trough. Oink oink.

She really didn’t get many votes at all, but that’s no impediment to becoming a senator. And considering that it’s she’s from South Australia, as is this prick, maybe the Big Bully-boy will run here too, safe in the knowledge that croweaters are bloody-well nearly as gullible (or effing stupid?) as Tasmaniacs when it comes to foisting their idiotic political representatives on the rest of us.

So any moron can be a Senator in Oz. Unfortunate but true. Still, I predict that the general public’s disdain for this giant turd will see him belted at the polls, even if he runs in friggin’ Tasmania. Aussies just don’t like over-grown, well-paid, privileged & divisive white-man-haters picking on little girls. No matter their colour. Bring it on, cry-baby.