a young, distressed Roo was spotted by a concerned local today & the Wombat Awareness Organisation Ltd was called (thanks to Danny for providing their phone number). The young’un was wet & cold, apparently having been for a dip in the river. Its rescuers responded quickly to take it into their care.

Not enough praise can be heaped on these selfless wildlife carers who volunteer their time & energy for emergencies such as this. Blanchetown’s Blog thanks & commends them on behalf of our community & the resident wildlife. Please visit their website (RH sidebar/blogroll) & donate or help if you can.

BB would like to take this opportunity to remind residents & visitors that too many native animals (Kangaroos, Ducks, Lizards, etc.) have been killed or injured by careless clowns hurtling through Blanchetown’s shack settlement in the past… & although this particular incident may not have had anything to do with reckless driving – please remember to SLOW DOWN to the designated speed of 30 km/hour when driving through areas likely to be populated by native wildlife. Those inclined to dismiss or disregard the welfare of wildlife are also reminded that CHILDREN & PETS are often on & around the roads in these areas & it is reasonable for them to expect some consideration.