… have been logged. Thanks for that trendsetters. And sorry about my recent absence but data ain’t cheap out here in the boonsticks & I’d almost used my incredibly massive 15Gb allowance with 6 days still left to run on the  current reaming billing period. That’s $110-ish for 15Gb and blogging sucks it up pretty hungrily. Be assured that I’ll surely whinge about it (plenty) more some other time… but meanwhile, tomorrow is the day that I can put up some of the new pics & stuff that have been accumulating. So do stay tuned.

We have exclusive pics of Blanchetown’s very own salt-water croc (pictured above at one of Rabbit’s favourite bathing spots); a local Kangaroo mob; Emus; Corvettes; a young & handsome Kookaburra… & some other stuff I can’t think of right now. Most of these are courtesy of an imaginative & mischievous fellow whose name is Graham… my new assistant camera-man (!.. does Graham know about this prestigious appointment? – BB).

See you (5) turkeys tomorrow.