… presentations were held on Saturday at the pub. The big winner was Stan, who pocketed the not unsubstantial sum of 1500 big ones after a freak-of-nature display of highly refined (?) & accurate footy tipping. He virtually led all year with high round numbers week after week. Outstanding effort Stan… whether you know how you did it or not!

Some of the winners are pictured below

Laughing all the way to the bar

Not a winner but still a winner… Bill scored a new beanie

I came in…….. dead last. My work is done. I even scored this extremely rare & highly sort-after bottle of red. The bottle has an interesting story behind it which I might convey to you on another occasion. Thanks to Helen & Trev, & of course the ever entertaining & imaginative… MC extraordinaire – Scrote. All lovers of fine plonk will be relieved to see that Rabbit is taking her guard duty seriously.

Full results will be on display at the Blanchetown pub & there will likely be plenty of details in the upcoming Blanchetown Bulletin.