That’s at least a foot in a couple of days & some say that it will drain away as though the plug’s been pulled out. River flows & levels have ever been a mystery to this-here greenhorn river-rat & I have learned not to bother trying to second-guess what will happen… especially as regards Yabbies & one’s chances of bagging enough for a feed. Or better, a feast.

A jaunt up-river is on the cards to see what is what so nets are being scrounged, repaired, roped & readied for the year’s first real assault on the delectable Cherax destructor. Rabbit has kindly donated her new segmented friend to the operation’s bait stocks (so that’s why you carved the poor thing up like a loaf of bread? – BB). So we shall see, I shall try & you shall know all about it (after the feast? – BB) if success of any notable kind is achieved.

In the meantime I will endeavour to keep a lens on the river’s level as she drains (the pic below shows a distinct mud-mark about a third of the way up from the bottom so assuming that the sign is about 900mm high… it looks to have dropped 450mm or so since it was at that level only a matter of days ago. I’ll measure the sign some time if I don’t get distracted by flamin’ pigeons on the way over there). Stay tuned, trend-setters.

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