… 24 hours a day. Call Jane on 0421798056. BB has had need of such services in the past & would like to (once again) thank & commend all of those individuals who choose to devote their lives to the care of injured animals. The efforts of good Samaritans like Jane can only be truly appreciated when the fur meets the metal & precious little lives are on the line, to put it crudely… so please show your support by donating, if you have the opportunity & means to do so. These are real people doing a real service & we would all be much worse off without them.

And please slow down in Blanchetown’s shack settlement area because idiotic vehicular shenanigans not only endangers our furry, feathered & scaly friends… dim-witted speed-heads also risk incurring the wrath of an increasingly concerned & cranky Blanchetown Blogger, along with that of his like-minded allies. For those morons who are either too retarded to avoid running over sleepy lizards… or actually think it is funny, be warned – it is not. Rather, take the righteous path… & leave the poor things alone. If you are caught you will know our names when we lay our vengeance upon thee, A-holes (heard something like that in church… & some movie or another).

Hat-tip to Steve for getting Jane’s details to me (& presumably her permission). Let us hope that the idiotic minority doesn’t keep her too busy.

Jane’s phone number is now at the top of the Wildlife of Blanchetown page.