Johnny N keeps landing them & this was the second of two for him in quick succession today. The first measured 40cm but the beauty below was a big healthy 46cm. It had a fore-head like a battering ram & was easily the best for the year. The bloke is a veritable fish-catching machine just like his Dad. I have a theory – I’m convinced they emit some exotic fish pheromone or something… making other anglers in close proximity smell like whatever it is that repulses fish more than anything else & rendering them completely impotent in their quest for a fish. Any fish. I don’t even get a bite while he is flat-knacker trying to keep up with 2 bouncing rods. Today I barely caught a shrimp while JN landed horses.

I need to get me some o’ them ferrymones & soak in ’em, drink ’em or inject them into my eyeballs if necessary (like hell you will – btownbloke). I’ve got to try something. But here’s to Johnny, fisherman extraordinaire.