bertha-hofer_54904_0_0_200x150I sat down to watch this show recently & was initially intrigued to find out who these people were. Given their appearance, I assumed I would be meeting an Amish-like community. What struck me though, 15 minutes in – was the humanity, humour & deep-seated decency of these people. Not that the Amish don’t display those traits, but that these were strangely & unexpectedly cool people.

Take Bertha & her family. Faced by the inevitability of losing their youth to the world outside of their colony, mainly due to integration while at public high schools, but determined to see that her kids were educated & happy… old Bertha was “shunned” by the colony on the orders of the “elders” in another state. Talk about being torn between two worlds. Anyway, I personally found Bertha to be one of the funniest, saddest, most loving, determined & cutest women I’ve seen on the idiot-box for many moons. She had lost her husband to suicide some 6 years previously but if I’ve ever seen a woman with a massive load on her shoulders but a permanent twinkle in her eyes… Bertha is she.

Her children remained thoughtful & respectful throughout, despite their teenage hormones & the inherent rebelliousness associated with their age-group. Seriously, these dudes & dudettes were a joy to watch. Every bloody one of them. I challenge any bugger to say the same about any of the reality TV shows spewed forth by the idiotic industry which spawned Big Brother & has since inundated us with more shite than can be flushed down the toot.

So, it was a bit of a shock to discover that they feel that they have been betrayed by the National Geographic Society, through its TV channel, for misrepresenting their way of life. I do recall being a tad suspicious of the obvious mischievousness of the editing & wondered what the consequences might be for some of those being portrayed as a little reluctant to toe the colony line. And it definitely felt as though the producers cared not a toss about the welfare of these people – young or older. As it turns out, it was never meant to be a reality show – but a documentary. Sneaky turds.

When I say ” a bit of a shock”, I mean because the National Geographic Society (NGS) is one of those broadly-respected organizations that have brought the wild into our living rooms, & done it beautifully, for decades. But alas, it has become increasingly apparent to me that it has forsaken humanity in favour of the Green Horror. Its shows & adverts seem to be riddled with greentard fanaticism nowadays. The NGS obviously thinks that there are ratings to be had by scaring the crap out of kiddies & simpletons about stuff that hasn’t happened, hasn’t even been conclusively proven & seems more & more unlikely to occur as each non-warming year ticks over. But there’s gold in them-thar fear campaigns.

Maybe it’s a case of them getting too big & boisterous for their boots & getting the kick in the arse that they have had coming. I am personally delighted that they have been exposed for taking the piss out of decent, Christian folk with little or no regard for their welfare or dignity. Speaks volumes about the anti-Christian, pagan/green-pig zealotry which has oozed its foul way into the very cracks of human society & is brazenly celebrated by those who favour beast over being. These creeps are the real enemy & will be the real cause of our downfall if we continue to allow their madness to dominate our reason & self respect.

Don’t mess with the Hutterites! Yay for them. Ironic though.

From Fox News

Leaders of a Hutterite colony are demanding an apology from the National Geographic Society and a pledge that it never again broadcast a television show they say misrepresented their way of life and damaged their reputation.

National Geographic Channel CEO David Lyle said Wednesday an apology is unwarranted because the show gave a fair and accurate depiction of colony life.

Caught in the middle are the stars of the show who say they have been told by elders to “tell the truth” but some of whom now fear possible excommunication.

“That’s what I’m scared of,” said Bertha Hofer about the possibility of being cut off from the King Ranch colony.

King Ranch colony minister John Hofer, Bertha’s brother in law, wrote a July 31 letter to National Geographic Society chairman and CEO John Fahey that “American Colony: Meet The Hutterites” was supposed to be a National Geographic Channel documentary about the German-speaking agricultural community of Protestants in central Montana.

Instead, Hofer said, the producers turned it into a reality TV show that encouraged discord within the community by pitting generations against each other. Situations and story lines were invented and the people were told what to do and say while the camera was on, he said.

The result was an inaccurate depiction that has damaged the reputation of Hutterites everywhere, he said.