Some good news about the Blanchetown Community Gardens. A sub-committee has been formed under the auspices of the Blanchetown Shack Owner’s Association.

Feeling the pain of ever-increasing water bills? Want to grow some vegetables of your own but can’t quite get the results you hope for? Like to feel a part of something that is truly to the benefit of the local community? Wish you could enjoy the local wildlife more?

Well, BCG is the place to go. Water is free, thanks to the MMC. The knowledge to be gleaned from green-thumbs like Gav, Julie & Gerald, Mavis & Bob, etc., will stand you in good stead against the many challenges that Blanchetown’s climate can throw at a garden & will increase your chances of a successful crop… & be assured, they will be more than happy to share their knowledge. Between them there would hardly be a better source of local experience when it comes to propagation. And, of course, FREE & FUN community involvement & healthy living are the bedrocks of the charter that has recently been established by the new sub-committee.

The gardens could not be located in a more pleasant spot & is a favoured place to visit for lots of handsome locals of the non-human variety… as is apparent in the photo seen above. It is genuinely intended to be a place for all of us to enjoy – so come & get yer hands dirty, yobbos.

On ya Gav, Wayne & all those involved.

Go to the garden’s blog to find out more.