Here is the edited letter from “Old Bill” as promised….

Hi to all my friends in Blanchetown,

First of all I apologise for taking so long getting back to you regarding “how I’m getting on.”

Well everything is going so slow, (which they all told me it would be) the actual amputation is all cleared up and it’s now practice and more practice. I didn’t think it would take any where near this long. I go to the gym everyday to strengthen my upper body, (which is necessary) which I will need later on. I’m among one of the unfortunate patients in as much as I won’t be able to be fitted with a prothesis (artificial leg) due to my amputation being above the knee, so I will be in a wheel chair for the rest of my life, this will be a real bitch and will certainly slow me down, but that’s the way it may be.

All up there are people in here worse of than me. Don’t know how long I’ll be in here (hospital) but it will be quite a while yet and when I finally leave I may have to go into some kind of assisted care home.

This is a beautiful hospital, the nurses are great, and the food ok and I’m very well looked after. I’m in a ward of 4 blokes and we all get along ok, my daughters call often and keep in books, sweets and clean clothes.

Well that’s about all for know, can’t wait to get back to Blanchetown and be among friends again, but it will be a while yet.

Until then, thanks for your concern and best wishes.

My regards Bill H.

Bill is in the Repat Hospital at Daw Park, (Adelaide South Aust.) if you would like to pop in and say good ‘aye.