– his first, on free speech & who doesn’t like it

 – his latest, on taxes & where it all goes

If you are interested in helping Topher fund his fillums, go to the ‘Crowd Funding’ site Pozible. It’s a cool way to support somebody trying to climb that greasy ladder & it’s even cooler to find a dude who gives a hoot enough to bother trying to get our attention – just to make sure we know what is really going on. He’d probably be better off acting the victim & gettin’ him some of that Guvmint Fundin’. But he wouldn’t… because he’s not a shameless turd.

You get your name in the credits & I must say it’s probably the best few buckaroos you will spend this year. Donations are only transacted after the entire amount of required funding is pledged by sponsors. All above board & for a good cause – our freedom.