Hawke, of course. I know this is from January 2012 but it’s a goodie anyhow.

I have an older memory of him doing a similar thing – maybe in the 1990s or 2000 & something? He was spotted by a camera man (at the MCG I think) coming down the steps in the member’s stand & some wag handed him a pint so he threw it down, gave the crowd a wave & scampered off. But I can’t find a single mention of it anywhere… no pics, videos or quotes – naught.

He was younger & so was I, & it was Channel Nine’s cricket coverage – which I haven’t had at home since early 2009. Got me stumped it has.

I’m starting wonder if it isn’t just a case of’ Déjà vu. It’s as clear as a bell & I’m nearly certain I recall telling a mate about it well before this latest effort of Bob’s. And I’m sure that I Googled it at the time but couldn’t find it anywhere – & this must have been before Jan 2012… I couldn’t find anything because the Jan 2012 scull hadn’t happened yet?

I suppose it’s reasonable for my mind to have presupposed that this is something Bob Hawke would have done (& me being an avid Test Cricket watcher in the past), & it manifested itself in the form of a dream but has been retained as an imagined memory… but this doesn’t necessarily fit with what is believed to occur with Déjà vu.

Then again, I’m also certain (well, WAS) that I once heard a theory about Déjà vu which suggested a person’s mind may be capable of pre-calculating a multitude of scenarios which are retained & can be triggered by an occurrence to become what seems to be a clear memory of it already having happened… provided that the “calculated memory” is reasonably consistent with the occurrence which triggers it. (Are you saying that you might have had a Déjà vu experience about Déjà vu? – btownbloke). No. Well, yes. Doh!

Still, it’s as clear a memory as I thought I had about Bob. Not so sure now. (Let it go, have a beer – btb). Right you are.