Otherwise known as the mighty Murray Cod.

This beauty was found flopping around in the shallows today. We tried desperately to save the big bugger but it seemed to have given up trying to survive. So old mate swam it out into deeper water & let it float away. Old softies… we both had a tear in the eye. In saner & freer times it would have been butchered & feasted on by grateful peasants. Instead of left to die a lingering death – & wasted, to be devoured by grateful feral cats & foxes.

It would have been well over a metre long & had a decent girth but it looked bloated rather than fat, if you know what I mean.





(below) Off he goes. Worth a try. Damn shame to see a magnificent animal like this in strife.


There were no obvious wounds but it did have a rash on one flank… but that could have been from the shrimps which were in big numbers & were definitely nipping at our feet while we were trying to swim the thing. We have no idea how long it had been lying on its side, probably in less than 2 feet of water. So who knows. We just hope it survived. But I doubt it. It didn’t exactly swim off the way we would have liked.