Another one bites the dust.


Northern Territory Chief Minister Terry Mills has been replaced by his party in favour of Adam Giles, the first Indigenous leader of a state or territory. Bad news for Mills, good for Giles. Better news for aborigines. Good leaders are never a bad thing so let’s hope he’s an excellent choice & things go well for him.

My bet is that the polls will be encouraging for him & we’ll finally get to dispel the left’s imagined & shrieking notion that all conservatives are red-neck black-haters. Not true, of course, but those nasty lefty luvvies will stop at naught to disguise their instinctive hatred of all-but-their-own in order to maintain their desperate grasp on power.

Northern Territorians seem to me to be no different from anybody else. Fair, thoughtful, well informed – if a little rough around the edges & less prone to dragging around pretensions & shoulder-chips. There’s no thriving culture of entitlement & offense in the NT either, as far as I can tell. There might be a culture of superiority, but that’s a natural consequence of living in the north.

Ahhh… black conservatives! The more the better – for all of us.


The new Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, Adam Giles, acted very poorly by knifing Terry Mills while his predecessor was overseas.

But much of what he’s said since is great. How about this:

 LEIGH SALES: You’re the first Indigenous head of government in Australia history. How do you intend to use that status?

ADAM GILES: I won’t… I am not an Indigenous chief minister.

Andrew Bolt has more here

The bloke is already displaying a level of integrity that we’re just not accustomed to seeing from our politicians. Good on him.