… starts soon. There’s always something hot & tasty (& free – btb) to gnaw on, courtesy of the club & thanks to the hard graft of President & Chef Inge.

It’s a great way to spend a cold winter’s Wednesday night… friendly competition & company, hot grub, cheap beer. And a chance to knock over the Looney (AKA Captain Chaos; Ricochet Rabbit).


We’ll be playing fortnightly rounds in the same knock-out format as 2012 & the season will likely run for 10 to 12 rounds. Points are awarded according to the established system from last year… each player will be given 1 point for playing; 1 point per game win; 2 points for a Grand Final win. Meaning that a clean run through from the 1st frame to a GF win is worth 6 points while a GF runner-up will get 4 points.

Any loss will mean the end of the night’s proceedings for a player but if & when we don’t fill the full complement of 16 players of a night, every 1st frame loser from that night will be redrawn for a chance to play in the second frame & stay in the game… minus a penalty of 0.5 (half) points for choosing to play again if the opportunity arises. In this case a GF win from a 1st frame loss & lucky redraw will reap the night’s winner 5.5 points maximum.

Nightly, or round points are accumulated throughout the season & the player who sits atop the points table at season’s end will be the crowned the Blanchetown RSL 2013 Eightball Champion.

Be in it, yobbos. Is fun.