Bob earth hour

From mUmBRELLA(spotted at Andrew Bolt’s blog)

“We turn off our lights for Earth Day – Earth Hour f*cking hell. Nobody outside of Australia knows about Earth Hour, believe me. We turn our lights off for an hour and then we see at our neighbours and they’ve left their f*cking lights on and they’re ruining the planet.”

“That’s how we think politically it is no use for Australia enacting just by itself enacting one. It’s a good lesson and they should do it but it’ll cost — even China doing it unilaterally won’t work.”

Can’t wait for all the abusive lefties to let fly at their SIR Bob…

CLIMATE DENIER ! (deliberate & mendacious reference to & association with Holocaust denial – WRONG)

CLIMATE CHANGE SKEPTIC ! (as though we actually deny that climate does & always has changed – WRONG again)

FLAT EARTHER ! (as if WE are the nutters clinging to archaic oogyboogy in order to further our own cause; as if they are Galileo & we cretins are the Catholic Church, persecuting the poor luvvies – GOT IT A*SE-ABOUT, A-holes)

FASCIST ! (as if WE are the nasty buggers who pray for the suspension of democracy in order to silence dissent & further our own cause – THAT’D BE THEM, not us)

RIGHT-WING EXTREMIST ! (extremist? – That’s a bit rich comin’ from fruitloops who are way left of the EXTREME LEFT)

BIG OIL ATTACK DOG !  (IPCC attack dogs! ner’n’ner… as if there’s any money in taking the fight to EXTREMELY WELL PAID & OVER-REPRESENTED warmies – abuse is the only coin skeptics ever get for their trouble; Tim Flannery’s biaaatches; RENT SEEKERS)

waaaaah (a greeny’s most commonly used syllable, closely followed by shriieeek)

Abuse, abuse & more abuse. Ain’t they just delightful? All the fun stuff they indignantly hurl at us, all the time. Bless their widdle cotton hemp socks.

Lovelies like Mzzz Penny Wrong; Headmistress Jools; her pet idiot Wayne “The Boss” Swanny; that Plibber-sack of wind; Craig “retard-dancing-fool” Emerson; “Lurch” Garrett; that abusive knuckle-dragger Combet; Bill “whatever Jools says – cawww look at that arse” Shorten; Nicola “Olive green everything all other colours are seeexiiist” Roxon; Adam “from the dole to business class in the wink of a fashionably bespectacled eye” Bandt; & of course the ever-effevescent Christ(ine) “Luci(fer)” Milne… plus the entire their ABC & SBS. And the rest of the world’s wonderfully kind & considered leftiings.

Waiting, waiting… any minute now.