We had a working-bee & meeting at the Blanchetown Community Gardens on Sunday 31/03/2013. Lots of work got done (by others): weeding, picking, preparation & maintenance.

Gardeners were given seeds & seed-raising tubs to take home to propagate for our next crop. Jan brought some new excellent adjustable beds, Gav gave some bobcat driving lessons to Gerald & Julie’s wee Grandson but baulked at extending the privilege to the larger humans… mumbling something about being uncomfortable with the prospect of having a smelly fat hobbit sitting on his lap. Damn. There’s an opportunity lost to both of us (ke? – btb).

Some pics to peruse…

Heaps of fresh vegetables were kindly donated to patrons at the RSL & they were snapped up by the grateful recipients.

This is precisely what the (majority of) founding members had envisioned when the gardens were established. What better way to do a good deed than to share excess produce from the gardens with our fellow residents? Unconditionally & without discrimination. Purely for the pleasure of giving.

Ahhh, community service! A notion that is now & will remain a high priority for the garden’s new committee & membership… but was evidently not to be entertained by those who will remain unnamed but are well known to all & sundry. Some of us are makers & others only ever wish to be takers. Go figure. I suppose it really does take all types to make a mad world go around.

On that distasteful subject – it should be noted that the garden’s attempt to grow lovely “Nellie Kelly” passionfruit appears to have been deliberately sabotaged. Some luvvie has sneakily pruned the vine in such a way that the only new growth is below the graft… meaning that the plant is useless & will never fruit. Nice. Very clever. For a self-pitying & cowardly sock puppet. Whoever they be.

One would hope that this plant torture wasn’t committed by somebody who claims to be a morally superior greenturd but would actually prefer to mutilate a plant than see its fruit enjoyed by other kids. That’s really not a very nice way to play with others. And it says more about the perpetrators than they’ll ever be capable of processing. Denial is a powerful drug (I thought it was a river in Egypt – btb). That too.

So, no free Nellie Kelly passionfruit for Blanchetown residents this year… or next. Some of us have a pretty good idea who to thank for this unkind deed but won’t be going there. That’d be more trouble than it’s worth. If you think you know the culprit & dare to speak your mind – wear ear-plugs & a helmet (but don’t wear your favourite shirt). And have a witness with you and DO NOT strike back.

Leave the threats & violence to them… that’s how they roll. Don’t lower yourself to their base-level of barbarism, I implore you… it’s a treadmill of despair that you do not want to find yourself on.

Fortunately, Dick & Maz grow & share enough passionfruit for all of us, rendering this juvenile act of vengeful vandalism pointless. By the good deeds of truly considerate & community-minded fellows, we still win… and the plant murderers remain the losers that they seem determined to be.

Cheers Dick & Maz. Thanks for choosing to be nice people. We salute you.