In early April. After a delightfully cool evening.

Must be all that Anthropogenic Global Warming… or my camera’s playing tricks with me. And my eyes. And my skin. Or I’m just a complete tit.



Or somebody stole Autumn (maybe it was the AbbottAbbottAbbott – btb). Always is.

Or the greenturds have it all arse-about & it isn’t actually warming at all. Or they’re a mob of lying mongrels having a jolly good time on our coin (maybe they just like spending billions of rare public money building desalination plants that we don’t need). Good point. They certainly seem immensely proud of themselves about something or another.

Yes indeed, people like Perfessor Tim Flannery & his cohorts have all done very nicely out of their Global Warming scam. But millions of us are as poor as church mice & getting poorer by the day. It’s a great pity that the Green Horror’s gain is our massive loss.

It’s also a pity that traitors aren’t dealt with like they once were. Ruthlessly & permanently. Now there’s a job that millions would probably volunteer to do for free.