The movie, that is

Worth a watch if you like MMA, UFC & a good chuckle. It’s another Kevin James feel-good fillum but that’s not to take away from the fun of it. Henry Winklers in it too so Happy Days fans will be delighted to see the old Fonz back on the screen.

Salma Hayek provides the drop-dead gorgeous, the kids are cute as buttons & Bas Rutten, playing ‘Niko’, gives a comedic & touching performance that should see him win a gong of some sort.

James is surprisingly convincing in his role as a teacher moonlighting as an MMA warrior & continues to project the impression that he’s not afflicted with the all-too-common how-effin-good-am-I Hollyweirdo MEGA-ego in the slightest. The real-life UFC/MMA identities Joe Rogan, Mike Goldberg, Chael Sonnen & Jacob ‘Stitch’ Duran (among others) were excellent in their cameos.

Recommended viewing, in my humble opinion (don’t tell me that you’re sick of The Hobbit already? – btb). Don’t be ridiculous. I might watch it again right now, seeing as you mentioned it. (Gawd save us!)

Nothing will save Hobbit-haters bloke… there’s a special place in hell for them. Right between Melkor and Sauron (and UNDER Christine Luci(fer) Milne?). That might be taking it a bit far.