sharia air

Well, well. Who’s naive enough to be surprised? Will they also be:

  • banning infidels, Jews, homosexuals & dogs?
  • making all female passengers wear head-bags?
  • making all female passengers sit at the back of the plane?
  • turning their planes to the east 5 times a day, regardless of its trajectory or destination?

Would it be OK if a western airline banned:

  • dudes who resemble Osama bin Laden?
  • dog-haters?
  • halal food?
  • head-bags?
  • in flight prayer?
  • goats?

Of course it wouldn’t. That’d be condemned as blatant discrimination & raaaacism. One rule for us, different rules for them. The ‘religion of peace’ is superior to our western culture, after all. Stinking infidels we are.

Such is the fascinating modern world we live in… dominated by morons who insist on imposing politically correct idiocy of the kind which is so easily & deliberately perverted in order to encourage & facilitate the cultural suicide of the west. And we fall for it, time & time again. Never has a culture of such greatness & righteousness seemed so ashamed of all the wonderful things it has gifted to the world.

Or seemed so determined to bring about its own demise.

So, leftards should be careful of what they wish for. They should also be beginning to wonder who’s gonna protect them after they’ve finished dis-empowering the only cultures on Earth that can & will save us all from being reduced to submissive, sub-human slaves. But they won’t… seeming is so much more important than doing.

One can only surmise that they really must be as retarded as they seem to be.

Watch them scream like banshees while the world falls apart & the ‘superior’ bastards take over. They’ll blame everybody else for their troubles as surely as a pong follows a fart. They’re as predictable as a Gillard denial (there’s that river in Egypt again! – btb). Very funny.

One thing I’ll NOT be doing ever again is flying QUAINT-ARSE. They can bugger themselves to their heart’s content. And be damned. I want nothing to do with it.

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