A great woman for a difficult time. May she rest in peace.


As for the pieces of sh*t celebrating her death… it makes one wonder what our society has become when the death of an irrefutably great servant of the people, let alone somebody of lesser stature or achievement – triggers animal-like joy among even a small portion of us. And this barbarism is deemed acceptable by enough people to render the behaviour ‘normal’ & ‘reasonably expected’.

Warriors respect and honour their foes & adversaries in death but these luvvies are above all that apparently. Where are we headed when the infantile & barbarous are admired & the decent & honourable are ridiculed? We’re buggered, that’s where.

I prefer not to lower myself to their pig-level if I can help it. It’s often a difficult cat to skin but it’s morally repugnant not to. Until I discover a better choice I’ll allow my conscience to rule such things & it will ever be thus. The alternative is to be like them. F*ck that.

I sleep better when my conscience is clear… but I admit that one needs to possess a conscience to know it. Children, on the other hand… have no idea about what’s it & what’s sh*t – unless & until they’re convinced by responsible & truly loving parents or mentors.

Or until they live a little & grow into caring humans not focused solely on that which THEY desire. Job done – if you can see your kids grow beyond existing as selfish little turds… so who are the retards breeding these retards? They ain’t from the same street I was dragged up on.

I hesitate to admit it – which is a measure of where we’re at in itself… but I even baulked at celebrating the evil bastard bin Laden’s demise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he’s dead because it clearly means that thousands of others will live by virtue of the fortunate fact that he’s kapoot. But I’m buggered if I could get into the whole rahrahwoohoo thing that went on in some circles at the time.

But then again, my brother or uncle or Dad or friend wasn’t killed by the scumbag. Until I experience that personal level of grief & lust for vengeance I just can’t bring myself to tolerate revelling in the ill fortune of others… no matter how instinctively I want to do just that. Maybe that’s just how I was brought up (bloody Catholics! – btb). Indeed.

We appear to be truly doomed if this is what passes as the language of love & tolerance. What have we become if the standard is now set by screeching friggin’ children & hate-filled Neanderthals? Why are the intolerant & intolerable now the standard-bearers of our morality?

Since when is the loss & despair of others an excuse to dance for joy & vilify the deceased? Whoever they are? Personally, I grieve for what we once were & could’ve continued to be if we weren’t being out-bred & out-numbered by slime. Things could definitely be better.

The roots of this evil lay somewhere in the apparently-admirable naked hatred of all things conservative by those who would have us believe that they are morally superior. And tolerant (why do their words always out-match their deeds? – btb). Because they are simpletons but they just don’t know it bloke. Like children.

Take the retard ABC’s retard love-in show Q&A last night for instance. A panelist glibly jokes “… And me without champagne…” when the news of Thatcher’s death comes in. This is supposed to be an adult show on Australia’s national broadcaster.

Very funny, wh*re. Whoever she is. Never heard of the onion before & I’ll be content if I never do again (I seldom know where lots of the ABC’s guests come from. I must hang out in the wrong places – btb). Don’t change a thing yobbo. Them’s murky waters.

I bet my left nut that she’s proud of herself (she must’ve read a lefty manifest about ‘evil’ Maggie when she was LAYIN’ ON HER BACK “makin’ a living” – btb). You’re assuming the b*tch can read bloke. I’m not sure that that’s a requirement for tenure at their ABC nowadays.

Verily, the cretins now set the standard & the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

Gawd friggin’ save us (you always say that). I know bloke, I know. At least once a day now.