Zeg’s take – From Quadrant Online

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When our Dear Leader couldn’t offer anything generous to say about the Great Lady other than the fact that the Baroness didn’t possess an Adam’s-apple… I thinks to meself – “nice work, Joolsy luv. Classy stuff that”. But then, Socialists are always such humble & loving luvvies (ke? – btb). They’re just awesome. Jools is MEGA friggin’ awesome (unless you’re the wife & kids of a bloke that the Great Red One wishes to add to her impressive list of former [married] concubines – btb). Now, now. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves either.

As for setting out to be liked… well, that horse has well-and-truly bolted when it comes to our Jools. She tried her best I suppose, but nobody can really be expected to take to a droning-socialist-dodgy-lawyer-husband-stealing-lying-cow. Although Timmy obviously loves her (Timmy loves free tickets to the footy too. And the idea of a guaranteed $150,000 a year when she’s kapoot, I’m sure – btb). Good point. Anyway, She might as well forget it now. We’ve seen too much & learned more than decent people are comfortable with & prepared to forgive, I’m afraid.

Of course, our Jools was once very popular with a certain collection of shady dudes & union heavies like Wilson & O’Connor. Not to forget that jigging clown Emmerson. But them’s hardly a selection of the pillars of society… them’s just a herd of leg-humpers looking for a quick horizontal folk-dance with a young & NAIVE, future ‘loyal’ Deputy PM & consequentially Slapper-in-Chief. So there does seem to be a certain type that Jools is very keen to ‘impress’.

But that’s not to say that everybody matters equally to her. We know, for instance, that she doesn’t give a tinker’s toss about what SOME women think of her & I suppose Lady Maggie falls into that category. Sort of. Except that Mrs. Thatcher didn’t have to suffer the indignity of having her husband stolen by a woman of, emmm, how should I put it?… questionable morality.

I think I’ve made my point (I think you’ve laboured your point. You could’ve just said that she likes blokes who like a bit on the side. Wives & kids be buggered. But she has no time for great women like Margaret Thatcher. Says it all really – btb). Go away.