And especially Boston, Massachusetts. To hell with those who would tear it all down. Pigs & goat-rooters, every last disgusting one of the bastards.

Witness human-kind at its best, in the aftermath of a gutless assault from its very worst…

Such naked patriotism will undoubtedly be viewed by many – like the retards at their ABC; certainly the Greenturds; probably Jools & her fellow socialist-feminazi circus performers; all the world’s assorted freedom-loathing Marxists, fascists & totalitarians; & the millions of gimme-gimme-gimme idiot University juveniles we pay to sit around love-ins whining like spoilt children & offering us fackall in exchange except riots, lectures & tantrums; hell, probably even King Obongo himself… deep, deep down in their rotting, hate-filled hearts – as proof that the USA is populated by raaacist, seeexiiiist, right-wing extremist red-necks.

I’d say it’s proof that it’s a great nation populated with patriots who love their country & who cherish the freedoms it extends to its citizenry. And they won’t be intimidated by apes attacking them in the most cowardly way imaginable… disguising themselves to blend in, assaulting the innocent & unaware, including CHILDREN, from the shadows & then scurrying back under the rocks whence they came.

These gutless pygmies will never defeat the courageous giant that is the United States of America. Nor will they ever stand & fight like real men. Ask their women-folk… that just ain’t the way they roll. Maybe if they spent less time lifting tails & pushing girls around they might discover their inner man. But I doubt it… that would require real courage. And that can only exist in the hearts of the decent & righteous.

On the subject of those responsible (from Fox News)…

The Pakistani Taliban, which has threatened attacks in the U.S. because of its support for the Pakistani government, denied any role in the marathon bombings Tuesday.

Well that’s a relief! Hands-up those who reckon that that little morsel of reliable information narrows the search down to right-wing extremists & naaasssty Catholics… who must’ve learned their pressure-cooker-bomb making skills when they accidentally stumbled on Al Qaeda’s Yemeni online propaganda magazine “Inspire” or inadvertently read the moronic “The Anarchist Cookbook“. Yeah right. They always do that.

Meanwhile, Bob Ellis (who? – btb) (Gerard Henderson refers to him as the ‘False Prophet of Palm Beach’) reckons the NRA, the FBI, the Pentagon or Britain’s MI6 might be the perps, but…

There is certainly no Arab involved, no Afghan or Pakistani. They would have owned the slaughter within an hour or two.

Of course! So, according to the genius Bob… if an Arab doesn’t claim responsibility within an hour or two then it must be everyone else that an hysterical leftoid idjit can dream up. Couldn’t possibly be one of the thousands of independent jihadist cells infiltrating the Western world through loose borders & generous immigration policies. And they might just operate in secrecy rather than claim responsibility because… I don’t know, maybe they DON’T WANT TO GET CAUGHT AND SPEND THE REST OF THEIR LIVES AS BUBBA’S BITCH IN A US PENITENTIARY. Oh no, not on your Nelly! It’s all those white bastards (isn’t Bob white & Western too? – btb). Yes bloke. It’s called self-loathing… another one of those mysterious lefty cultural things.

Let’s never forget that their Bob, among other things, is (from Wikipedia)…

… a supporter of the Australian Labor Party, has written speeches for a number of Labor leaders (such as Bob Carr [naturally – BB], Paul Keating and Kim Beazley), and written extensively on Labor history.

In regards to Ellis’ speech writing, Beazley had said on the 7.30 Report that if he had used any of Ellis’ speeches he would have been out of politics.

Ellis’ involvement in politics became more direct when he unsuccessfully contested the Federal seat of Mackellar as an independent candidate against the Liberal Party’s Bronwyn Bishop in a by-election in 1994 as the ALP did not field a candidate at that by-election.

His 2011 book Suddenly, Last Winter – An Election Diary created headlines for its criticism of Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard, and praise for Liberal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott. He described Gillard as “not well informed” and “sudden, firm and wrong” in everything she does. He also said “She has no power, no influence, no friends, no learning. There’s not much there”, whilst describing Abbott as having “good manners”, being “formidable” and possessing a “first-class mind”.

Ellis has written speeches for South Australian premier Mike Rann [doh! – BB] for a number of years.

Says it all really. With friends like him Jools needs no enemies & the ALP is forever doomed to be riddled with precisely the kinds of useless turds that so many of them have proven to be. I wonder if he’s also besties with Mark Latham (if he ever was I bet he isn’t now. In fact I’d bet your left one on it. – btb). That’s nice of you.

What a confused & confusing old fellow Bob is. Fascinating.