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CLIMATE Change Minister Greg Combet took his ABC newsreader partner Juanita Phillips on a first-class visit to Europe, amid signs of an increase in global travel by Gillard Government frontbenchers.

The taxpayer-funded trip earlier this month included visits to Paris, Brussels and Berlin where Mr Combet – touted as a future Labor leader – delivered a keynote address to the “Towards a Global Carbon Market” conference.

Mr Combet said the trip met ministerial rules for travelling with spouses. These require the minister’s partner to have an “official program of engagements”.

He declined to confirm to News Limited what program Ms Phillips – who presents the ABC’s flagship 7pm television news service in Sydney – undertook.

The minister also would not disclose why they flew first class.

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“official program of engagements”. Hmmm. Well, me & Rabbit would like a trip to Adelaide to buy one of them Droolia doggy toys… how soon can you send a helicopter to get us A-hole? Not one of those crappy little 2 seaters either – Rabbo likes to stretch out on long trips. Preferably one like Prez Barry gets to ride in. With free grog & Schmacko’s & stuff.

It’s all above board… tax-payers won’t mind I’m sure. I’ll also be on official binness getting pissed-up promoting my proposed “Building the Responsible Dog Walking & Public Crapping Education Revolution” stimulus program & Rabbo will be my official blind drunk guide dog. Plus she’s always wanted to deposit a dirty-great-steamer on AAMI Stadium’s hallowed turf as a special gift to the ESSAY-NFL Old Fart Club.

We could buzz in, land; chuck a ball to send Rabbit off for a quick sprint & work up a nice pile; lay said pile & bugger off in the chopper before any of the old shotgun-totin’ codgers could get to us on their tri-coloured Gophers. Home free baby. All on the public teat of course. You’re OK with that Greg? I mean sheesh, you wouldn’t want to seem like some kind of hypocritical prick would you?

As for your gimmegimmegimme bloody everything for free missus… don’t you think that she already does quite nicely from her share of their ABC’s $1,200,000,000 PER FRIGGIN’ YEAR budget? When’s the last time either of you paid for a single thing out of yer own pocketses? Can everybody say free-loading-rent-seeking-pieces-of-f*****g-s**t?

We can probably forgive Greg for being an enormously incompetent & cranky ex-union nobody, Australia’s greatest bullshit artist & most highly paid talentless dipsh*t… but nobody likes a parasite attaching itself to their gonads. And thanks to this lefty-love-in coupling we have one of the bloated sacks of misery dangling from both nuts. Them’s a heavy load Mum. BURN ‘EM OFF!

I suppose Juuuuaniiita would call that “fair & balanced”. Nice work if you can get it. Even better if you have no conscience & can live with oneself whilst bleeding tax-payers of every single freebie one can scam. Sluuurrrp-suckle-burp… oink oink.

It’s yet another one of those leftard cultural things I’m afraid. The only remedy is to flush the lot of the turds down the sh*tter on September 14th.

acronym notes:

Building the Responsible Dog Walking & Public Crapping Education Revolutionstimulus program = BRDWPCERS (pronounced ‘bridwupkers’) (say that with a mouth full of marbles – btb). Try it with a belly full of beer boy.

“ESSAY-NFL Old Fart Club” = SANFLOFC (pronounced ‘sanfulofka’) (sounds like a Russian-Jewish cake – btb). Or an unaccountable politburo you wouldn’t want running your beloved footy league. Bam!

Hide yer money under yer mattress, peasants.