Not sure what it is yet… possibly a ROSENBERG’S HEATH MONITOR (Varanus rosenbergi).

UPDATE – nope, it’s a Lace Monitor (Varanus varius). Lots of thanks to John Fowler of Reptiles of Australia fame.

He says…

That is a Lace Monitor. Lace monitors do look similar to Rosenberg’s and the
2 species are often confused with each other but Lace Monitors grow
significantly larger. Rosenberg’s do not occur around Blanchetown.

Lace monitors are more arboreal, although Rosenberg’s can climb trees too.
Lace monitors can often be distinguished by having wider more obvious bands around their face and tend to have Broader bands on their tail (neither of which stand out in your photo).

Babies also look quite different.

Mystery no more. By the way, Rabbit’s little bird friends alerted me to its presence. They were going boonta – swooping & screeching at something in a tree across the road. I actually saw the big bugger fall off of the trunk amid all the fuss. So they were really trying to get him gone. But he was having none of it.