… from the usual suspects.

From Tim Blair’s Daily Telegraph blog.

And this.

This too.

More from Andrew Bolt’s Herald Sun blog.

Remember that most of these arseholes don’t seem to give a hoot about the actual Holocaust. They certainly don’t care about the security of modern-day Israel. They’re openly Anti-Jew as far as I can tell.

But they’ll screech & take offense at anything & everything that Abbott says. Gives you an idea what our PM is up against.

It ain’t about morality for them, it’s all about exploitation for political power. Not that they actually have to do much for the votes of the fully retarded left. Them’s locked in whatever evil deeds are done in the name of “progress”.

And the Lame Stream Media sucks it all up & spits it out in just the right tone. To make Abbott seem like the bad guy – while it protects the real enemy among us.

Stinking Greens & ALP thugs. And their many media enablers.

Towering hypocrites, every one of the scumbags.

More later, maybe.