The BCG page is back here although the gardens still has its own blog – BCG blog is not administered by Blanchetown Blogger. The gallery below can also be viewed there, along with posts & info previously posted here.

Contacts for Blanchetown Community Gardens should be available at the new BCG blog. 


Some pics of the Blanchetown Community Gardens


6 thoughts on “BCG”

  1. Allan Smith said:

    Had a look at the BCG over the easter week end, looks great, congratulations to all involved, a true community project. Well done.

  2. thanks Al. Glad you enjoyed it… don’t forget to come back.

  3. great pics ian , ya doin a fine job.

  4. Thanks Briggi, you are so kind. Took me hours. Pity i can’t put a #@$^&*% sentence together without swearing like a #@$^&*#% trooper!

  5. Wayne Tredrea said:

    I visited the gardens on the weekend what a great job you guys are doing

  6. Cheers Wayne, I’ll be sure to pass the compliment on to Gav. He’s the man responsible for saving our gardens from becoming a weed-yard… almost single-handedly. And many thanks to you for getting the Blanchetown Shack Owner’s Association involved. You are all most welcomed.

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