Blanchetown RSL

RSL Colour Goldprint - Official Lge
Corner of Merivale & Egerton Streets, Blanchetown SA 5357… phone (08) 8540 5212



11 thoughts on “Blanchetown RSL”

  1. good on you mate what a great idea revamping the old blog, hope blanchetownians and visitors get onboard and check things out

  2. thanks Andy. Great to have your support.

  3. congratulations grandad you have a beautiful baby grand daughter hope to see her at the club one day best wishes andy…

  4. Hi RSL do u have a band on new year ???

  5. Good question Terry. I shall find out & let you know.

  6. its just that i made a very good offer to the pub they said great but have not confirmed it so im looking for a back up plan before its to late i want to play in blanch town as im staying in the cavavan park

  7. hey Terry, i have emailed you the president’s phone number. Congratulations on your choice of holiday destination… you obviously possess discerning taste & we will be honoured to have you visit our humble little town.

  8. Barbara Burton (And Malcolm) said:

    Just spent another great weekend at River Palms caravan park. Thanks once again to Inge, Andy and everyone at RSL on Saturday and Sunday for making us feel so welcome.

  9. You are, of course, most welcome Barbara. We’re happy that you had a good time in our humble little Blanchetown. The RSL will appreciate the compliment & I will be sure to pass it on. Cheers

  10. love the River Palms caravan park i go camping there in my bus have not been to the RSL yet ill try get there next time

  11. Always welcome at the Blanchetown RSL Terry.

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