have you seen this?

talented rat cropped

some more stuff
our PM has no Tees

another complete idiot
Freddy’s lovechild for Queen fans.
The Lord of the Rings complete Symphony (is long… only for real Tolkien freaks).
Concerning Hobbits & The Breaking of the Fellowship… for Tolkien geeks & violin lovers.
Wallace Courts Murron & Main ThemeThe Legend Spreads… for Braveheart fans & violin lovers.
Three Pigs… for pipe lovers & Scotts.
& this one… for pipe lovers & Scottish hippies.
Sleepy Man Banjo Boys.
Guitar Baby.
Young Guitarist Of The Year 2011.
little Zoe plays… Sweet Child o’ Mine & Enter Sandman & this & these.

young Josh plays… Ram Jam Black BettyBack In Black & Black Dog.


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