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Dromaius novaehollandiae. 8 chicks & the old boy


Crappy pic. All I had was my phone, but it’ll do.

This is one of dozens of good reasons to take it easy on the roads down in Shackville. Who really wants to hit one with their car? Didn’t think so. Except for those funny fellows who think that running over Sleepy Lizards is a cackle and a half, and they’ve at least got their under-developed brains as an excuse of sorts… the rest of civilized society have no such excuse.

Kudos to the fellows looking after the oval… hopefully watching these beauties grow up has been some sort of a reward for your efforts. Looks good, shame about the shite-pile.

Yep, I do it because I can… enjoy. Or don’t, doesn’t matter. Go Peeeeaaaarrr

Some mates, mostly Carlton supporters & an assorted mob were at this game but I’m not sure how much of it they actually saw. Or how much they enjoyed it.

This one is just for them. Caaaarlton! Pig’s arse!

This is the winning entry of the 2014 Virgin Australia Film Festival. Wooohoo!

Ahhh why not… this one’s a beauty too. The rest wasn’t bad either. And those guernseys. Me ol’ Grandpa would be chuffed.

Bess Price loves & understands her people… but she’s just a pet Aborigine to the leftards


Bess Price recently made a courageous & long-overdue speech to the NT Legislative Assembly where she’s a Country Liberal MP representing the people of the central Australian electorate of Stuart (where she grew up & has lived all of her life) in the NT Parliament. That is, a CONSERVATIVE Aboriginal woman… on the wrong side of politics, at least as far as the morally superior class of strikingly pale-faced ‘aborigines’ & their soulless attack dogs are concerned.

For that is how they judge her. Not as a woman who knows, loves & sticks by her people; not as a professional who excels in a difficult, complex & chosen field of expertise; hell, not even as an Aborigine who lives among & suffers with her people. Oh no, she’s just a ‘head-nodding Jack-Jacky for the government’ who has absolutely no right whatsoever to lecture inner-city leftists & activists about the welfare of her people. The gall of the woman!

Anyway, in her speech she publicly exposed the ‘luvvies’ for the dangerous & abusive pieces of shit that they are. Bless her, but they ought to be looking for the rocks from whence they oozed. But they won’t… they’ll continue to attack her with the support of the army of disgusting leftards like the shameless ALP, Greens & all the other assorted do-gooders whose idiotic policies & ideologies have wreaked so much havoc on those she would give her very life for.

Read it & weep… this is what an indigenous heroine has to endure from our ‘superiors’ & academics for the heinous crime of giving a fuck about the plight of Australia’s very own third-world inhabitants.

Thanks to Andrew Bolt… that raaaaaciiiist, right-wing white boy who has only ever had good things to say about our Bess.

Within the last four months, two more young mothers related to me were killed in Alice Springs Town Camp. One was injured mortally in the public, in front of several families. Nobody acted to protect her. Dozens of my female relatives have been killed this way. Convictions usually lead to light sentences. I was told by a senior lawyer that no jury in Alice Springs will convict an Aboriginal person for murder if the victim is also Aboriginal and he or she is only stabbed once.

We all have done nothing effective to stop this from happening. It has been going on for decades. This week we heard outrage from the Stolen Generation Association because this government wants to put the safety and wellbeing of our children first before their (inaudible) culture. I am not talking about the children of the Stolen Generation. It is our children.

Why hasn’t there been the same outrage over the continuing killing of our women and abuse and neglect of our kids? If these women victims were white, we would hear very loud outrage from feminists. If their killers had been white, we would hear outrage from the Indigenous activists. Why is there such a deafening silence when both victim and perpetrator are black? I believe that we can blame the politics of the progressive left and its comfortably middle class urban Indigenous supporters.

 Because I have spoken out on this issue and others close to my heart, I have been routinely attacked by the left. Professor Larissa Behrendt claimed that what I say is more offensive than watching a man having sex with a horse. Her white professional protester colleague, Paddy Gibson, told the world that I was only doing it for the money and frequent flyer points. The Queensland educationist, Chris Sarra, said that I was ‘pet Aborigine’ who only said what the government wanted me to say. Chris Graham, the white editor of Tracker magazine called me a ‘grub’. A white woman in Victoria, Leonie Chester, calls herself Nampijinpa Snowy River, on the internet. She tells the world that my people, the Warlpiri, are ‘her mob’. She and her friends have obscenely insulted me on the internet, over and over. Marlene Hodder, a white woman from Alice Springs and her protesting friend, Barbara Shaw, have called me a liar several times.

The Crikey blogger, Bob Gosford, who calls himself ‘the Northern Myth’, calls me Bess ‘Gaol is Good for Aboriginal People’ Price and accuses me of ‘vaguely malevolent and populist buffoonery that is designed to capture the attention of the tutt-tutterers and spouted by politicians that inevitably have a short tenure in power’. In Brisbane, Tiga Bayles, using an Indigenous community owned radio station, told the whole world that I am ‘a head nodding Jacky-Jacky for the government’ and that I am ‘totally offensive and arrogant’ because I do not want people like Tiga who know nothing about us, speaking about my people. He and his friends laughed as they told the world that I am only interested in money.

     When my daughter went to Sydney for the Deadly Awards, an Aboriginal interviewer for the Koori Radio Station in Redfern advised her not to tell anybody who her mother was. This is how these people show respect for family. In the last month, I have watched three of my sisters and a grand-daughter being buried. These racists and sexists hypocrites sneer at our grief and care nothing for our suffering, but they are the darlings of the left. I wonder what would happen if Andrew Bolt had used insults like these against any Indigenous Australian. The hypocrisy of these people is incredible.

    But I am in good company. When Mantatjara Wilson, a wonderful strong compassionate women I called mother, told the world about the crimes against her children on national TV, back in 2007, with tears streaming down her face. The left-wing activist moved to undermine her. They went into the communities not to protect the kids but to find women who would oppose Mantatjara. They talked about outrage and shame, not because of the crimes you all know about but because somebody else was brave enough to tell the world about them and ask for help. That was what they called shameful.

    They worry about the shame felt by perpetrators once they were exposed, not because of the agony of the victims and families. It is easy to find women who will support their men even though they are killers and rapists. Families are always stand up for their own and those who call themselves progressive will always find those willing to stand beside them and betray their own women and kids.

    I few others have stood up and faced the vicious criticism of the left. I acknowledge the wonderful work of Dr Hannah McGlade in Perth and Professor Marcia Langton in Melbourne. Warren Mundine and Noel Pearson have also spoken out. A conference of Aboriginal men in Alice Springs publicly apologised to Aboriginal women and kids for the violence and abuse men have inflicted on them. None of those people have received support from the left or from Labor governments.

    The left has tried really hard to call us liars and to put us down for speaking the truth and for wanting to stop the killing and the sexual violence. But they have put no effort, none at all, into protecting our kids and women. The exception to this has been a determination of Minister Jenny Macklin, who I acknowledge for her courage in the face of strong criticism from her own party and the Greens.

    I recently went to Sydney for the launch of a book called Liberating Aboriginal People from Violence by wonderful caring friend of mine Dr Stephanie Jarrett. My words are on the cover of her book.

    We need to support those who tell the truth.

    Dr Jarrett does that and she cares, maybe too much for her own good.

    I have seen the tears in her eyes and heard the passion in her voice when she talks about her murdered and bashed ones. I trust her completely, but, of course, those who are not interested in the truth are out to bring her down.

    She has been attacked in the Monthly magazine by its editor John Van Tiggelen in an article called Thinking Backwards. Dr Jarrett is saying there are elements to our traditional culture that we must change if we are to stop the violence that is destroying us, and she is right. Things are much worse now than the old days because of the grog, the drugs and the awful welfare dependency that is sucking the life out of us. There are elements of our culture that are really good and should be kept, but we should be prepared to do what everybody else in the world has done and change our ways to solve the new problems we have now and that our old law has no tools to solve.

    Some people call this integration, others call it simulation because they want us to continue to live in poverty, violence and ignorance so we can play out their fantasies on what the word culture means. I call it problem solving and saving lives. The left has its own agenda and liberating our people from violence is not part of that agenda.

    Van Tiggelen talks about the book Black Death – White Hands written by Paul Wilson in 1982. In that book Wilson argued that when a man called Owen Peters killed his girlfriend in Queensland it was actually because of white colonialism and racism. It was not the killer’s fault it was the whitefellas’ fault. This argument worked. Peters was only given a short sentence. Dr Jarrett started to worry about Aboriginal women’s rights when she saw David Bradbury’s film State of Shock. This was made in 1988 and was based on the same case. Bradbury brought the film to Alice Springs and brought Owen Peters with him. In the film, Bradbury gave only the story of Peters and his family. Nobody from the victim’s family was given a chance to give their point of view. They would not have backed Bradbury’s arguments so they were ignored. I remember Alwyn Peters telling us, ‘She has ruined my life; he was talking about the one he killed’. He went on to say, ‘She comes to me in dreams’. This made me feel sick. When my husband asked David Bradbury, ‘Why did you not talk to the victim’s family, you would have got a different point of view?’. He said, ‘Alwyn Peters’ family are victims too’. In other words, all our sympathy was meant to be for the one who killed and his family, and not for the one he killed or her family.

    In 1991, Audrey Bolger of the ANU’s North Australian Research Unit, wrote a wonderful little book called Aboriginal Women and Violence. At last, somebody was taking notice. At last, a white woman was trying to get governments to act. She was ignored and, as far as I know, nobody tried again after that. Her voice was drowned out by the politically correct who took their lead from Wilson and Bradbury: just keep blaming the whitefellas and everything will be fine. When governments says sorry, everything will be fixed. Audrey Bolger said in a book way back then, that in the final analysis the problem of violence against Aboriginal women will only be solved by Aboriginal people themselves.

    The report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Deaths in Custody said the same thing. In a way, she was right: my people need to act now to stop our own violence. But, in another way, this has given governments and the wider community an excuse for the big cop-out. Okay. We whitefellas caused the problem but only blackfellas will solve them, so we sit around waiting for that to happen.

    She also said:

    The problem is a complicated one, bound up as it is with other issues connected with changing lifestyles. Working through these issues towards satisfactory solutions is crucial to the future wellbeing of all Aboriginal people.

    She was right, but in the 22 years since she wrote that, there have been no satisfactory solutions found and things are much worse now. It has not happened and I am sick of sitting around waiting for my loved ones who are being killed. We have had committees and research projects, and advisory councils, and ATSIC, and now we have A National Congress of Australia’s First People. Billions of dollars have been spent. We have had visits from the United Nations special rapporteurs, and Amnesty International Indigenous officers.

    Not only have solutions not been found, but the most important issues are not even raised and talked about. I want to work through these issues and find solutions. For the left and for many Aboriginal politicians on the national stage, it seemed the only issues worth talking about were the Stolen Generations and Aboriginal deaths in custody. These are real issues that have to be addressed, but they were not the only issues. In the meantime, women still died, children did not go to school, epidemics of renal failure, diabetes, cancer, heart disease grew worse, suicides increased, young men went to gaol, and we kept killing each other and ourselves. Australians were not told that the death rate amongst our young men was higher outside custody than in, and that more Aboriginal women died at the hands of their menfolk than Aboriginal men died in custody. Since then, so many more women have died and have been sexually abused, assaulted.

So, remember the names. Remember the publications & organizations that they ‘work’ for. Show the pretentious scum no mercy. They are the enemy; the leaders of Australia’s trendy new racism which has gotten its pointy claws into every facet of our lives…

Welcome to this, sorry for that, raaaaccciiiiiistss… wahhh, waah, fecking waaaaahhh. But hell, we’ll take the money for our meaningless anti-white University bullshit degrees & moronic Possum skin-wearing witch doctor ceremonies! Bugger the remote communities. They can suck dirt.

Never forget that their crimes are the kind that destroy the lives of defenseless women & children. While they squat atop their lofty pedestals & snarl at us like hideous gargoyles. It’s so perverse that it almost escapes description.

And remember Bess, her plight & her people. Whose side are you gonna be on?

Anzac Day 2013 (bumped)

UPCOMING – Thursday 25/04/2013 (6.00 a.m. onwards)
Blanchetown RSL 2013 Anzac Day Commemoration.
Veterans will march at 5.30 a.m. from the Post Office to the RSL Club. Dawn service is at 6.00 a.m., followed by a hearty Aussie breakfast (bacon, eggs & the like – $5.00 all in). Free tea & coffee as always. Donations of ‘tipple’ juice for coffee are always welcome, otherwise the club will provide that little extra vavrooom as needs be. All in honour of our diggers of course.
Please join us in celebrating & thanking our service men & women & most importantly remembering our fallen heroes. Veterans are reminded that their presence is our honour & their brekky is on us… with our very great pleasure. President & Chef Inge will certainly be delighted.
Word has it that we can expect a special little munchkin to be marching proudly with her shiny new Girl Guides uniform on.
All welcome. Please come if you can… it truly is the most important day on Australia’s calendar & it just won’t be the same without you there.

Hey Combo… where’s our free first-class flights yer turd?


From the Daily Telegraph…

CLIMATE Change Minister Greg Combet took his ABC newsreader partner Juanita Phillips on a first-class visit to Europe, amid signs of an increase in global travel by Gillard Government frontbenchers.

The taxpayer-funded trip earlier this month included visits to Paris, Brussels and Berlin where Mr Combet – touted as a future Labor leader – delivered a keynote address to the “Towards a Global Carbon Market” conference.

Mr Combet said the trip met ministerial rules for travelling with spouses. These require the minister’s partner to have an “official program of engagements”.

He declined to confirm to News Limited what program Ms Phillips – who presents the ABC’s flagship 7pm television news service in Sydney – undertook.

The minister also would not disclose why they flew first class.

Read the rest

“official program of engagements”. Hmmm. Well, me & Rabbit would like a trip to Adelaide to buy one of them Droolia doggy toys… how soon can you send a helicopter to get us A-hole? Not one of those crappy little 2 seaters either – Rabbo likes to stretch out on long trips. Preferably one like Prez Barry gets to ride in. With free grog & Schmacko’s & stuff.

It’s all above board… tax-payers won’t mind I’m sure. I’ll also be on official binness getting pissed-up promoting my proposed “Building the Responsible Dog Walking & Public Crapping Education Revolution” stimulus program & Rabbo will be my official blind drunk guide dog. Plus she’s always wanted to deposit a dirty-great-steamer on AAMI Stadium’s hallowed turf as a special gift to the ESSAY-NFL Old Fart Club.

We could buzz in, land; chuck a ball to send Rabbit off for a quick sprint & work up a nice pile; lay said pile & bugger off in the chopper before any of the old shotgun-totin’ codgers could get to us on their tri-coloured Gophers. Home free baby. All on the public teat of course. You’re OK with that Greg? I mean sheesh, you wouldn’t want to seem like some kind of hypocritical prick would you?

As for your gimmegimmegimme bloody everything for free missus… don’t you think that she already does quite nicely from her share of their ABC’s $1,200,000,000 PER FRIGGIN’ YEAR budget? When’s the last time either of you paid for a single thing out of yer own pocketses? Can everybody say free-loading-rent-seeking-pieces-of-f*****g-s**t?

We can probably forgive Greg for being an enormously incompetent & cranky ex-union nobody, Australia’s greatest bullshit artist & most highly paid talentless dipsh*t… but nobody likes a parasite attaching itself to their gonads. And thanks to this lefty-love-in coupling we have one of the bloated sacks of misery dangling from both nuts. Them’s a heavy load Mum. BURN ‘EM OFF!

I suppose Juuuuaniiita would call that “fair & balanced”. Nice work if you can get it. Even better if you have no conscience & can live with oneself whilst bleeding tax-payers of every single freebie one can scam. Sluuurrrp-suckle-burp… oink oink.

It’s yet another one of those leftard cultural things I’m afraid. The only remedy is to flush the lot of the turds down the sh*tter on September 14th.

acronym notes:

Building the Responsible Dog Walking & Public Crapping Education Revolutionstimulus program = BRDWPCERS (pronounced ‘bridwupkers’) (say that with a mouth full of marbles – btb). Try it with a belly full of beer boy.

“ESSAY-NFL Old Fart Club” = SANFLOFC (pronounced ‘sanfulofka’) (sounds like a Russian-Jewish cake – btb). Or an unaccountable politburo you wouldn’t want running your beloved footy league. Bam!

Hide yer money under yer mattress, peasants.

More on Lady Maggie… & one of the jewels she gifted to the world

She may be only 19-years-old, but Baroness Thatcher’s granddaughter captivated mourners on Wednesday as she delivered a flawless reading at the former prime minister’s funeral.

Amanda Thatcher, a US college student, appeared unfazed as she gave a lesson from Ephesians which called on the righteous to “put on the whole armour of God”…

She later told an MP that she had not felt nervous, adding: “It’s sort of in the blood.”…

Ms Thatcher and her brother, Michael, 24, are the children of Sir Mark Thatcher and his first wife, Diane Beckett. They live with their mother in Dallas, Texas, where, according to her high school reports, Ms Thatcher is a talented sportswoman who excels in athletics and was voted “most likely to change the world” by her peers.

She and her brother are dedicated evangelical Christians, and were Baroness Thatcher’s “greatest delight” in later life.

Read the rest at Andrew Bolt’s blog.